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Antique & Classic Boat Society-Toronto

2021International Vintage Boating Day

On August 8th, 2020 ACBS-Toronto, in conjunction with the Muskoka Lakes Association, held the first National Vintage Boating Day. In 2020 successful boat parades were held on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, Gloucester Pool, Lake of Bays, Pigeon and Chemong Lakes in the Kawartha Lakes, and the Rideau Canal.

For 2021, International Vintage Boating Day events will take place on these lakes again, with the hope that many more events will be scheduled nationally.

The goal is to have as many Vintage boats as possible on the water at the same time in a variety of locations. Vintage boats include any boat built up to and including 1992, or any wooden boat. No registration is required, and there will be no stops along the way.

If you are not close to one of the existing routes, start your own flotilla. Here’s what you need to do to be part of this amazing event:

  • Reach out to your club members to see who is willing to plan a route.
  • Begin at a common starting point or arrange to meet in one location at the end of the trip.
  • Choose locations that are easily accessible to a number of people with a minimum of trailering.
  • Share that information on your club’s social media and with local media and Chambers of Commerce.
  • Share route information with us if you would like us to promote it as well.
  • Get out on the water and have fun while still maintaining social distancing.

We hope your group will join in on August 21, 2021, and we’d appreciate it if you’d share your plans.

Please contact for further information, event logos or to share your route(s).


*Stone figures called “Inukshuks” (an Inuit word meaning “In the image of man”) can be found along Canada’s Northern Shores from Baffin Island to Victoria Island. Originally built as landmarks to aid in navigation and to assist in caribou hunting, the Inukshuk has been adopted today as a symbol to remind us of our dependence on each other and the value of strong relationships. We chose this figure with great respect, because we all need each other these days, and we all share strong relationships within the vintage boating community.