Antique & Classic Boat Society-Toronto


The Antique & Classic Boat Society - Toronto (ACBS - Toronto)




ACBS-Toronto is a member-driven, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization. Volunteers are responsible for everything from running the business of the organization through the Board of Directors, creating our award-winning magazine, Classicboat, planning and implementing events, maintaining our website, accounting, and all other aspects. We exist to celebrate the beauty and the rich heritage of recreational boating in Ontario, Canada, and around the world. As a member you will enjoy a full year of memorable outings, events, workshops, gatherings, and shows with other enthusiasts just like you.

Our members collect wood, aluminum and classic fibreglass boats that represent our history and the boats we grew up with. ACBS-Toronto Members range from antique and classic boat owners to builders and people who simply appreciate these beautiful crafts. You don’t have to own a vintage boat to be a member.


Mission Statement


Our Purpose:  To protect, preserve and promote our Canadian Heritage of Vintage watercraft.

• Providing events and services which educate and inspire member and public appreciation and enjoyment of this heritage,

• Protecting and preserving vintage watercraft, related artifacts and information,

• Working with and supporting Non-profit organizations having links to our interest, events or venue communities,

• Providing services to our members, fostering fellowship, education, and resource information in our common interest,

• Increasing awareness of, appreciation of and participation in our Society




Stay Tuned as WAVE 2.0 will be released soon

We Are Volunteers Engaged

WAVE 2.0 members are passionate and dedicated people who

organize and facilitate all ACBS-Toronto events and activities

and play an invaluable role in the success of the club.


WAVE 2.0 serves as a program to recruit, recognize , and empower our volunteers

                                                         Have Fun!                                                                                                  Meet new People and develop friendships

                       Become a member of a welcoming, enthusiastic team                                                                   Learn more about vintage boating


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