WE had a Great Day!

 39th Boat Show 

'Aged to Perfection" 

It was HOT… in the water and on land but the 39th Annual Vintage Boat Show is now in the history books and will be remembered as a great boat show. We hope you were part of the crowd who made it to the show.
This year there was something for everyone, from our honoured Centenarian Boats to Classic Mahogany Launches, Cedar Strip Runabouts, Classic Glass and Race Boats.
On-land visitors enjoyed classic cars and antique and vintage outboards and even a fashion show. There was truly something for everyone.
Those who arrived in the days leading up to the show enjoyed three sunny days of pre-show events taking part in what we all enjoy the most - using our boats and spending time with friends.  They had fabulous weather for touring the waters of Gloucester Pool on Wednesday, Lakes Muskoka and Rosseau on Thursday and then the fun of an on-water poker run on Friday.
To all of you who display your boat, outboard or classic car, we thank you. Simply put, but SO important - there is no show without your involvement.
To the site team, WAVE Volunteers and show committee, you were stellar as always. ACBS-Toronto is fortunate to have so many members and friends who make the show a reality. All the members, and Board of Directors of ACBS-Toronto thank-you!
The 40th Annual Vintage Boat Show will be held Saturday, July 11th, 2020.
This special Anniversary Show will a judged show.

Mike Gridley- Boat Show Chair




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