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November 10, 2012hl movie

Those that were at the Membership Appreciation Night were pleased to hear that the movie, Harold & Lorna, about the Wilsons racing team will be out on DVD Dec 1 . So get ready to order for Christmas.




Click here for an interview with the Director


The movies song she will fly again

weemacMembership Appreciation Night, Nov 10, 2012

During the night we had a special presentation. Kathy Rhodes VP made this presentation emotions and all. This is one of many stories from this epic event. Enjoy this one and help us chase away the fall gray blues by sending us one of yours.


As you all know, the Big Cruise for a Big Cause was a once-in-a-lifetime event that surpassed even the wildest dreams of its organizers. We registered 115 boats, and countless others joined in along the route. In addition, we contributed almost $12,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Those of you who were on the water know just how tricky it was to navigate through the wake of so many boats (along with two rather large steamships), and those who made the entire journey will recall what an incredibly long day it was. Every type of boat was represented – both Canadian and American made – from gorgeous long-deck launches to gentleman’s racers to the cedar strip runabouts that surprised everyone but their owners with their ability to manage the wake. One boat in particular captured our attention and, we believe, truly reflected the spirit of the day. You may remember one little white boat, decked out in flags, that bobbed along through the day. The boat, the flags, and the trip all had special meaning to the captain and his crew, and I’d like to invite John MacKay to join me to receive this photo to commemorate the Wee Mac’s participation in the Big Cruise.