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This years work shop was held in the shop of Kids and Classics located in the small hamlet of Glen Williams, a small area near Geargetown.
Kids and Classics is run by Malcolm Black. He has a group of volunteers that help him in the shop, there mission is to help youth stay out of trouble. Kids that are on parole get a chance to find team work and a sense of accomplishment building a small row boat. They are very excited to put them in the water to their surprise they float! Time for a ride and enjoy their success.
The work shop was held on a bright and sunny day in February. We started off with a welcome from Malcolm explaining the shops mission. Up next was a Police Constable who reminded us of the need for safety on the water and all the items associated with this. We also had a talk on engines. The engine for the Hydro “Gas Hopper” was the focus of this discussion. Some folks started to strip the paint off Gas Hopper. Many were just happy discussing boats asking their own questions on DIY.


Rick Potts brought anice RC hydro that he recently finished building. We have seen a few nice projects from


Then John Gullick our organizer of the day’s event did a talk on PFD and life jackets, includ

ing the replacement of inflation canisters.While all this was going on some went next door to a very big antique market. I came away with a nice steering wheel that will replace the plastic one on Sams Smile.


Its nice to see everyone in the winter and warm up with mahogany and varnish. Thanks to Malcolm and John for organizing a great event. Volunteers make this club work. See you at the spring tour. For more photos click here



1 Monster, 4 Shepherds, Fall Colour Cruise 2013


I have planned many rendezvous for our club but this one always makes me worry a little as weather plays a huge part and the odds this time of year are against us. Rain threatens the event all week long, we lost a few members whose faith in Mother Nature was less than trusting. Still 9 boats and 29 hardy classic boaters arrived to defy the threat of nasty weather. As the few boats trailered in launched at the ramp the skies were gray and a scotch mist fell on the varnish. Yellow Coats were the order of the day however by the time we all gathered and started on our way our luck held and the rain stopped for the duration of our trip. Unfortunately one of our enthusiastic regulars who have been a great supporter of events blew his transmission 15 mins in, sometimes even the most prepared vessels fail. The rest of us carried on to see the change of the season and the wonderful fall colours. Behind the lead boat our 4 shepherds kept the rest of the flock in line as we meandered into coves and bays around are lake. Coming out of a long bay we met up with the 126 year old Segwun, honks and toots were acknowledged and many photos were shared from both angles. After many waves we continued on around Browning Island where we came upon a monster sitting on a dock. We slowed and quietly slipped by unnoticed as it did not make a move. Now on the home stretch back to the warmth of a fire and pot luck lunch we approached our second steam boat, “Wenonah II” More waves and on we went. On our way back Greg and Gerry saw a woody boat cruising and she waved them over. They met Shirley in the area of our lunch. Shirley was wondering if they knew where a Morris Island was? Surprised, Greg, Gerry and Harper all looked at each other and said well yes we do, follow us, Shirley had one more request for the boys, Not to Fast! Great to see knew faces at the events. We all made it back for the lunch and shared the great camaraderie of the classic boater family. With the last run of the year celebrated, it is now time to put our babies to bed for the winter and dream of where next year’s adventures on the water will take us.

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