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We had a great day on the Pool. Rendezvous are a great events to participate in and use your classic boat. to read about this ACBS Toronto event go here to Woodyboater

StJ 1937adMany of you I am sure know about the first boat show of the season. It’s held in Tavarse Florida, on Lake Dora. This annual event kicks off the boating season for many including many from the Toronto club. This year over 40 that we could see came down to enjoy the warm weather and waters of central Florida. Seeing the boats is just a small part of the event, Picnics, boat rides and great meals in the evenings make it all a special start to summer. . The comradery of the members down here makes for a better club for all.
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The week prior to the show is the southbound cruise down the St Johns river from Jacksonville Florida to Sanford. This trip has been going on every year for the past 28 years and for many is a bucket list event for those who love boating in other waters. This year 3 boats from the club were hauled down for the cruise. We were also joined on the Tuesday of the cruise by 4 other members President Kathy Rhodes and Bryan who rode with Rich and Linda in Aqua Velvet. We also had Patrice and Russ Anderson who rode in Just Right with our friend Les Rue who lives in the US but has a great place in Muskoka. The trip was documented all the way and can be found here( part 1) and here (part 2), as well a video of the trip can be seen here
I hope this encourages many more to come out to our clubs on the water eventsmaybe you well get the bug to go on the big river cruise as well. Let’s keep boating