It’s not too often you see boats in a car magazine. On September 7 2013, the Upper Canada region of the Porsche club of America held its event on the Shores of Lake Muskoka at the Patterson Kaye Lodge. Past President Chris Bullen was asked to speak on the history of Wooden Boats and the influence on the area.  It was a rainy day and rides were anticipated at the event, fog was thick in the afternoon, the whole event was in jeopardy. Chris and Julie arrived at the dock of the lodge at 3pm and a small window of no rain and a little fog aloud for numerous rides out into the lake around Eilean Gowen Island. The guys were surprised as Julie drove the Clarion Gold cup with precision as they went out for their ride.  After the rides Chris and Julie were invited for dinner and Chris did a presentation talking about the builders and the area over dessert. A fun time was had by all and thanks to the Upper Canada Region and President Walter Murray for inviting Chris and Julie and Listening to what we find is a proud moment in our history.