It’s Official! Boaters Really ARE Better

By John Gullick, Undercover Reporter

Well, someone has finally taken the time to ask the age old question: Is it better on a boat?

The answer, something that Canadian boaters have always known, is a definite yes. I am still not sure about our boating friends in the US because they are a bit more conservative or is that Republican?

Canadian Boaters Do the Nautical Nookie. 63% of boaters report satisfaction with their sex lives vs. 54% of non-boaters AND the more frequently Canadians boat, the more satisfied they are.

Let’s look back a few years: Dateline July 8, 2008 - With the sweltering summer in full-swing, Canadian boaters are turning up thedsc 3089 heat in the bedroom. According to a national Discover Boating survey, conducted by Angus Reid Strategies in June 2008, boaters report much higher levels of sexual satisfaction versus the general Canadian population.

The survey polled more than 1,000 boaters and non-boaters and compared their viewpoints on several quality of life aspects. When it comes to intimacy, participants were asked to rank their satisfaction with the quality of their sex lives. Two-thirds of boaters (63%) reported satisfaction with their sex lives, while only 54% of non-boaters held the same opinion.

Not only do boaters enjoy making waves on shore but the study revealed that twice as many boaters would prefer to spend their time making out on a boat than sightseeing. Not entirely surprising since there is not much else to do in a small cramped space out in the middle of a large body of water.

This begs other key questions. Does size matter? What about a sailboat – one mast or two? The possibilities are endless. It seems that boating can set the mood for total relaxation, well, hopefully not total relaxation, and make for some interesting intimate moments.

In addition, this survey got political. Well, what survey doesn’t these days? It was noted that of the NDP supporters polled, 16% were most likely to make out on a boat. Now that is great social policy. Bloc Quebecois supporters said that 15% were likely to make out on a boat, but they would never take the Conservative position. 6% of Liberal supporters were likely to make out on a boat but would take no position at all, and 5% of Conservative supporters were also likely to make out on a boat but only if they were on top.

Is there “Pier Pressure” across the country? Here is the percentage of the population in Canada that has been on a boat in the past year by province or region:

British Columbia: 75%, Alberta: 51%, Atlantic: 60%, Prairies: 41%, Ontario: 50%, Quebec: 26%

So the sex lives of Canadians are obviously better on the coasts, which should not come as a great surprise considering the great salmon debate. Alberta has moved ahead of Ontario, the Prairies are flat, and Quebec needs to up its immigration.

Well, that is all from this reporter for now. I am going back to the boat for some more research.

Happy Boating Canada

Breaking Industry News:

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