Feeling a little patriotic today thanks to our long time sponsor Walkers Point Marina.can6 For years now the Dunn's have put on a fireworks display in front of their marina.can2 This provides a unique theater as hundreds of boats and thousands of people from all around the lake park in the bay and float about while watching the fireworks. It seems we all start to arrive around 9 to 930 and wait excitedly for dusk to set in. The kids and adults alike seem to get impaitient as the darkness or "dark enough" is judged differently by all.
Soon the chorus of horns try to encourage the match to be struck. Eventually it is and the first explosion of lights begins. The night is usually a huge and wounderful display and this year was no exception. My personal favourite is the willow tree with the sparklers that explode then shimmer down in gold branches. While my son's favourite look like colourful lightening bugs zipping around before extinguishing out. Once the big finale is complete it's a beautiful moon lite criuse back to the cottage.

Another great night in a boat!