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As demonstrated by recent weather conditions, The Farmer’s Almanac wasn’t wrong with its prediction for Southern Ontario: Winter will be colder than normal, with above-normal precipitation and snowfall.
But those cold, snowy days just make spring that much sweeter when it does arrive. And what better way to celebrate warmer weather than to join us on the Spring Tour on Saturday, April 29.
The Tour is a true sensory experience – the smell of varnish and freshly cut wood, the sights of those beautiful boats in various stages of readiness for summer, the sounds of familiar voices not heard since last summer, and the feel of those shiny surfaces (for those who just can’t resist despite the signs asking you not to touch).
And then there’s the food! Whether it’s the familiar Tim Horton’s logo on those really big boxes of fresh doughnuts, the cinnamon buns, the hot apple cider, the homemade loaf cakes and cookies, or the butter tarts, every shop offers up a tasty treat to enjoy while you visit. Maybe it’s just a trick to distract us and keep our hands busy and away from the boats. The challenge is always to save room for the delicious lunch to be served at the Port Carling Community Centre.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be offering sneak peeks into many of the shops that will be on the tour – just to give you something to look forward to. Stay tuned.
Online registration for the Spring Tour is now available, or you can download, print, and return the attached registration form. There will also be a copy of the form in the spring issue of Classicboat.

March 23-26, 2017 – Lake Dora, Tavares, Florida
For many ACBS-Toronto members, this event is the unofficial kick-off of the boating season. If you’re a snowbird or just happen to be in area on a short vacation, be sure to attend this event. Click here for show details.
And be sure to attend the traditional “Canadian” party on Saturday, March 25 at Hurricane Bar & Grill Dockside, 3351 W Burleigh Blvd,Tavares, FL 32778 - 1 352 508 5137.
Contact Dunc Hawkins for more details.

Have you ordered yours?
Don’t miss your chance to purchase the ACBS-Toronto Club Windbreaker online for pickup at lunch on the Spring Tour.
Click here for more details and to order yours.

As you know, our summer boat show theme is “Birch Bark to Fibreglass”, and we’ll be celebrating everything in between as well.
In the upcoming spring issue of Classicboat, you’ll find lots of canoe-based articles and stories. Now we need to present the other end of the spectrum, so let’s hear from all you fibreglass enthusiasts about your adventures, mis-adventures, restoration stories, etc. And, don’t think we’re ignoring all those beautiful wooden boats that will continue to be the mainstay of our club. We want to hear from you too!
To share your story, send the write-up as a Word file to the editor. Photos or other images should be sent as JPEG files. Please choose your best one or two photos. Captions are always appreciated.
The submission deadline for the summer issue is May 1.
That's it for this week! Wood Boat Wednesday will return on March 1 when we'll bring you all the details on our pre-events (Meet & Greet, Lake of Bays, Gravenhurst to Lake Joe, Poker Run, Small Craft Rendezvous), social events (Friday Night Reunion, VIP Lunch, Fashion Show, Sunday Brunch) and boat show registration.
Back Issues of Classicboat are now available online! Did you know that you can access all back issue of Classicboat electronically? Just click on the Member Login link at acbs.ca, click on Classicboat and then Library of Back Issues, and start reading! We have all 132 issues from October 1983 to Winter 2016.

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