Table Rock , Missouri Sept 16 to 23, 2012


This year’s meeting was held at the Big Cedar Lodge.tr4Big Cedar lodge was started in 1921. It was falling into disrepair when it was bought by the Bass pro retail store. A great transformation came to Big Cedar. It’s now a pretty grand place for a woodsy Lodge, Many fine restaurants, pools and a convention center along with nice rooms and water falls.
Pre-events as always started Sunday and went to Wednesday. Boating was front and centre as it should be. Monday was an 82 mile ride, 41 miles to lunch and back for the afternoon, then a dinner was arranged on the Show boat Branson Belle. Tues was another cruise and Wednesday was another cruise for lunch. This area has a very large body of water and would take weeks to explore it all. Over 700 miles of shore line. The lake is manmade as the big Table rock Hydro dam stopped the water in 1958. At the dam it’s over 200 ft. deep, it took 7 years to fill it up. This makes for a lot of water to play in. 

Following the prevents was the Agm meetings. Friday is the beginning of the Boat show, over 100 boats were at the Bent Hook Marina and many were fresh from the shop.

tr1Saturday evening brought us all together for a celebratory dinner. This was also time for the exchange of the outgoing and incoming president. Our own Dunc Hawkins is now the new international President and many members were on hand to support him along with 6 past presidents and the current president. Awards for both the Boat Show and the Clubs chapter awards were also announced. Our Chapter was proud to receive the Rover award given to us for the Big cruise for a Big Causetr7 event held in August. Next it was announced that our Chapter was awarded the biggest prize of the night , Chapter of the Year. It does not end there, our own past President Ken MacStephen was inducted into the Hagerty Hall of Fame for all his contributions over the many years he has been involved, He is one of the founding members of ACBS Toronto and can been see every year in his 100 year old Mullins cruising the waters.

tr5This is always a fun event and I would encourage you all to try it out.