Ad Description: This 28-foot cedar E-scow was built in 1964 by master shipbuilder Victor Carpenter in Port McNicholl, Ontario. One of the earliest boats created in the legendary craftsman's celebrated career, this E-class racing scow is genuinely unique; both a work of art and a piece of history.

Flat-bottomed, with two retractable aluminum bilge boards in place of a fixed keel, this is an incredibly fast vessel designed expressly for racing.

Unlike contemporary fiberglass scows, the hull and deck of this boat have been constructed entirely from cedar with a 30-foot mast of Sitka spruce.

Although it has been refinished several times since 1964, all of the original wood remains intact and in remarkably good condition. Incidental damage to deck and mast has been repaired in August of 2016 by Allman Boatworks in Huntsville, ON. Minor updates have been made to the hardware and regulation sails have been replaced recently (includes main, jib and spinnaker, as well as second jib from previous sail set).

Includes trailer with license, light set and electric pumping system with 12V car battery for quick and easy bailing.

A truly rare combination of thrilling speed and exquisite class, this racing scow is truly a one-of-a-kind, painstakingly crafted by one of the all-time greats of boat building.

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Daniel Ian Taylor
1964 Vic Carpenter Wooden E-scow1964 Vic Carpenter Wooden E-scow1964 Vic Carpenter Wooden E-scow1964 Vic Carpenter Wooden E-scow1964 Vic Carpenter Wooden E-scow