Here Comes The W.A.V.Ewave1b


W.A.V.E  ( We are Volunteers Engaged )




From the top down, ACBS is driven by our members. Volunteers are our most valuable resource as they organize all of our events
and activities and make our club thrive.

Volunteering is also the best way to get to know the great family of boaters we have in our club.
So join today and get engaged! Help steer the boat in the right direction; we know you will have a blast.


wave5bOur current volunteers number over 100 of our 850+ members. This may seem like a lot, but it takes that many just to put on the great boat show the club is known for wave7binternationally. As in many organizations, dedicated individuals enjoy the friendships made and take a significant leadership in running our events. Our key objective is to increase the number of volunteers involved in the activities of ACBS. The WAVE (We Are Volunteers Engaged) is intended to do just that.

The WAVE serves as a program to recruit, recognize, and empower our volunteer pool. Each WAVE member will have a WAVE wave7bname badge to be worn at all events. One key aspect of the program is to encourage our friends who may not be members but have interest in volunteering for specific events like the Boat Show to also become WAVE members. The efforts and creativity of our volunteers have made ACBS successful, and we will continue to celebrate and give focus to these efforts and results.

Our Volunteer appreciation event held each year to recognize the efforts of the volunteers is known as the WAVE appreciation event.

We look forward to new volunteers joining our existing team and becoming members of the WAVE.


Volunteers make the events happenwavejoin


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